Best Natural Skin Care Products And Organic Ingredients

Thinking…is there any benefits of using the natural skin products or it is just a myth? Well, it is just not you who is concerned with this question there are so many people like you who doubt on available natural skin care products. We all know that our skin is an essential part of our body and need to be maintained in all possible way. There are several different studies conducted on the efficacy of natural skin care products and research shows that they are better for skin as compared to chemical based products.

How to get a beautiful skin?

Beautiful skin is the reflection of healthy skin and this is only possible when you give your body all the minerals and vitamins in right proportions. Also drink as much water as possible to keep the skin hydrated. However, it is necessary that first you should identify the cause (s) that are causing the pigmentation, dryness, wrinkles etc.

Accordingly, you should find what type of products you should try as there are some people who are allergic to some natural substance whereas others adapt it well. Therefore, it is necessary that you should check the ingredients of the natural skin care products try their sachet or small packing initially then if you feel comfortable then only continue with it.

Popular natural products for face

  • Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream
  • Essential Care Rose Moisturiser
  • Essential Care Avocado Replenishing Face Cream
  • Santa Verde Light Aloe Vera Cream
  • Santa Verde Rich Aloe Vera Cream
  • Trilogy Very Sensitive Calming Fluid
  • Dr Altaites Organic Night Cream
  • Trilogy Age Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream

Mother & baby care natural products

  • Weleda Baby Calendula Moisturising Cream
  • Green People Soothing Baby Salve
  • Green People Dry Skin Baby Lotion Scent Free
  • Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream
  • Green People Mum & Baby Rescue Balm

Natural care products for men

  • Weleda Shaving Cream
  • Green People 2 Shave Now Wash & Shave
  • Green People 1 Scrub It Exfoliator
  • Rehab London Men’s Calm Balm
  • Rehab London Men’s Revive Survive
  • Green People Organic 3 Cool Down Moisturiser
  • Bodhi Ylang Ylang Incense Sensual Bath & Shower Therapy
skin care products

The benefits of best skin care products

Your skin is one of the most important organs in your body so it makes good sense to look after it properly. The skin of your face and hands are generally the most exposed to the elements and to the chemicals and toxins in the air around us. We are all in contact with chemicals on a daily basis, from household cleaners to cosmetics to the products we use to cleanse our skin and hair. Then there are the chemicals that we ingest through our food and drink. If you want to eat only organic produce, you can largely avoid many of the chemicals that are present in other foods. Having a healthy and balance diet will contribute to healthy skin and foods rich in vitamins A and C will promote good best natural skin care. A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables combined with drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water every day, will help to eliminate the free radicals and promote healthy skin growth.

It is not just a healthy and balanced diet that keeps skin looking clear and healthy, what we use to cleanse the skin can also play a big part. Many of the popular korean skin care products available on the market have many different chemicals and alcohol in them which can lead to the skin being stripped of its natural oils and drying it out. Natural skin care products can have some chemicals in them but organics should not, it is a good idea to check the ingredients of such skin care products. Naturally occurring essential oils, herbs, roots and flowers are often combined with natural preservatives, emulsifiers and carrier agents to make skin care products that are kind and gentle on all types of skin. Because the ingredients occur naturally, they are less likely to cause irritation or to dry the skin out which could make it flaky and sore.

natural skin care products

It is important to look after your skin through all the seasons of the year using natural products because exposure to the sun, wind and other weather conditions can have a very detrimental effect on your skin. This is why people who work outdoors often have weather beaten faces, they are exposed to the elements every day, so using good quality natural skincare products will help to reduce the damage and delay the onset of the weather-beaten look. For the rest of us, during the winter, we go from warm homes and offices into the cold and wet which can lead to dry, cracked and itchy skin. During the summer months, when the sun is shining, most of us enjoy feeling the warmth of its rays on our skin but to go without a high SPF is not advised as the UV rays can do irreparable damage.

You do not need a whole cabinet full of natural skincare products, just the essentials such as a body wash or shower gel, facial cleanser, moisturizer, hand soap and sunscreen. You can of course add to your collection but these basics will ensure that your skin is kept clean, moisturized and protected. Getting into a good skincare regime from an early age will pay dividends as we get older and using good quality natural or organic products will only enhance this.

Natural skin care products to keep skin healthy naturally

We all want to have clear healthy looking skin but achieving it can be difficult. Much depends upon the genes you have inherited but if you have drawn a bit of a short straw, you can help your skin a great deal by using natural products and eating a healthy diet.

Personal Care Products

We all think that washing with hot water and soap will cleanse our skin and keep it looking good, well, that is not entirely true. Hot water and chemical based soaps can leave the skin looking dry and shiny and prolonged use can dry the skin out and reduce its resistance to microbes. Using a glycerine-based soap that is made from natural ingredients will not only cleanse the skin but not do any harm to it or dry it out. Use warm rather than hot water and at the end of your shower, a blast of cold water will revive the skin. Minimize the use of chemical laden products such as proprietary shaving foams, cosmetics and all those lotions and potions that the beauty industry wants us to spend our hard-earned cash on. It is ironic that the people who continually apply cosmetics or personal care products that are supposed to enhance their skin, tend to have less healthy skin than those who do not. There is nothing wrong with using cosmetics or personal care products, they should be chosen with care and by choosing versions of these products that have natural ingredients or fewer chemicals will benefit your skin.

Natural moisturisers skin care products

After washing, moisturise your skin as soon as you have dried yourself off as this will help lock in the moisture. Moisturisers that are suitable for your skin type should be used and again, these should be manufactured from natural ingredients. If you have dry skin, choose a cleanser and moisturiser that will help hydrate your skin and keep it looking soft and healthy. Natural moisturisers often include ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter or jojoba oil. If you are caught short and do not have any moisturiser, have no fear, take a look in your kitchen cupboard and make use of your olive oil. A few drops rubbed into your skin will keep it soft and hydrated. Keep clear of products containing mineral oil, silicone, artificial colours or preservatives, alcohol and parabens. These chemicals can damage and dry out your skin and should be avoided.

Organic skin care products

If you like your skin care products to smell nice, instead of artificial perfume, there are some wonderful natural scents such as rose, orange blossom, lavender and sandalwood, so do not feel that because you are choosing natural cleansers or moisturisers that they won’t smell very nice because they do not have added perfume, you will have a choice and you can find a natural scent that you like.

Making the change from popular branded skin care products to natural or organic skin care products is not as difficult as you might imagine. You can find and buy many different products both in stores and online. Do your skin a favour and try some today.

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